Professional Villain

The experience of meeting people gives me the feeling being competent in what I do. I am working for a five star hotel and do get the chance to meet various people from different parts of the country with different professions like pilots to seaman, from laborers to the white collared professionals, from the corporate world of consultants, doctors, managers, and the list goes on…

Don’t get me wrong. I like dealing with people regardless of their corporate hierarchy, or social status. Not because it is part of my job, but meeting them means and feels like I am at par and being able to satisfy their requests feels like “ACCOMPLISHMENT”!

However there are just some people who is villainously professional who could ease their way down into your nerves and corrupt your day!

Transcript of the conversation I had with such guest follows:

shark_disguiseGuest: “I booked a meeting room with you last week, why don’t we have a meeting room now?”

Me: “Indeed you have sir, and you told me to reserve the meeting room the same date as your check-in date. However, there were no room accommodation reserved under your name, thus the hotel has no basis and guarantee for your arrival.”

Guest: “You know we are your regular guests, and we are here every week, you should trust me when I say we have a booking next week. I need a meeting room to work and I need it NOW! Which room is available you can give me, NOW!

The conversation transpired in the hotel lobby, thus it made me feel uneasy. Despite my adamant invitation for him to come inside my office to discuss and find solutions to his sentiments, he kept on ranting, ready to give seemingly fabulous vexations in “french’.

Behind my equanimity, and assurance to find solutions to his peremptory “demand” my silent thoughts were screaming obscenities towards him! “How could this guy act and demand as such, as if he owns the hotel?”. This person just checked-in upon arrival without prior reservation neither online booking nor phone.

Being in the hospitality and service oriented business, I have to satisfy a guest’s request. Despite his reviling approach and demand, i need to muster a professional face and maintain my sympathizing demeanor. Good for him, the Indian is lucky enough that I had a meeting room available at that time.

Makes me wonder, what if there weren’t any meeting rooms available, what would his reactions be? Run amok?

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