SMS Word Choice

The Message
BBM Message from my brother in Thailand!

I received the text message in this picture last February 23, 2011. Please let me know how you would have felt if you were the receiver of such message.

I was in a meeting, when my mobile phone alerted me of the message. In my line of work, mobile phone and telephone lines are almost constantly busy, thus I was not expecting to read such a message. My first reaction was an outburst of “WHAT!, NO!”, then hearing the silence of the on going meeting, it reminded me of my manners, I apologized and excused myself.

I tried calling using my mobile phone, but didn’t get connected, cursed myself for having not enough money in my mobile for such a situation! “What happened? Why the message?”, as these thought crossed my mind, I ran to the third floor of the hotel to get back to my office. I noticed people were looking at me, and even one of my senior colleague tried to stop me to ask me what happened. I couldn’t talk nor answer his question. I blurted out, “Please, ask me later! Not now.”

I was experiencing a feeling I’ve never felt before. I felt my ears were burning, my eyes watery, and my face could either be turning so red or so pale I felt my cheeks burning. I felt so hot, yet my sweat are so cold and bead like on my forehead! I felt so thirsty but I wanted to vomit.

So confused was I, that when I get to my office I can hardly remember the telephone number back home! I don’t even got the strength to talk nor lift the phone. I read the message once again, and it meant the same thing to me, “Mama is dead… “, that’s what is registering on my mind!

Little breathing exercise, and I got the strength to call, I tried to call the house phone, but there was no answer! It was around 4:45PM here in Saudi Arabia, which meant it’s only 9:45PM in Philippines, someone must still be awake back home to pick up the phone, but the damned phone is busy! Which worried me some more!

I decided to call the sender of the message, my brother from Thailand. “Hello!”, came from the other line.

“Hello, what did you mean with your message? What happened to Mama?” I asked quickly, perhaps hearing it faster would be an easier single blow.

“Cel! Why?,” I heard my brother asked, sounded like a bit disoriented, like I woke him up.

“What is your message all about, what happened to Mama?” I repeated the question.

“Ah, Mama is worried! As in ‘dead-worried’ about you because you’re not replying to her text messages.” he said calmly. “Cel, it’s late, call Mama tomorrow she’s so worried about you.”

Ahhh,,,, the bliss of those words from my brother, my harbinger of news, the cause of my chaotic emotions for the day! I wanted to cry, to pee in my pants, my knees are so week, and I noticed I was shaking. I felt the tips of my hand and toes were so cold all of a sudden. I could have a heart attack! Feels like, after a hot shower and I was suddenly doused with ice cold water.

Now, remembering that text message, I wanted curse our IT for filtering CHIKKA SMS messenger, and my brother for such unwise use of words.

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